The Master Builders Wedding – Arriving in perfect style

The Bridesmaids are your winning team when they attend to you like these. At a Master Builders wedding, Bucklers hard, just before walking into the ceremony this bride had obviously picked the right ones. Attentively making the dress look the best it can before walking into the wedding ceremony, all doing a specific job as if it had all been practised a hundred times.

The area in which you can do this should be one of the things you think about when choosing a venue, if you have to come through a door from the outside you’ll need to think about the weather, you may well end up walking in wet and windswept. The advantage of a Hotel is there is always a lobby where it can all happen. At the Master Builders, it all happens just behind the curtain so you arrive immaculately. Such a wonderful pause, a moment full of anxiety and joy, ready to see the groom and blow his socks off. This particular groom needed a plumber when she walked around the corner, she managed to turn on the waterworks. Well done team!

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