Photographers hide in bushes

It has been said in the past that photographers jump out of bushes to grab the best shot. This conjures up visions of the paparazzi wearing camouflage with huge zoom lenses capturing celebrities in compromising situations. It has been said in the past that I hide in bushes, in fact, if you pop to the testimonials page you’ll find Arianna mention it in hers. I’d like to point out that I do this for artistic effect rather than stealth.

At this Highcliffe castle wedding, the sun was shining so bright that we had to head for the shade in order to get any kind of flattering light. You can see the effect that hiding in the bushes has, giving a perfect frame of negative space to the image. The backlight from the sun is just glancing across Abbie’s face gives a flattering definition to it. Who says you can’t take photos in the midday sun.

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