Haselbury mill wedding

Haselbury mill wedding Crewkerne

Weddings are about two people committing to share their entire life on this earth together, assuming one of them isn’t an astronaut. The big day can be  overwhelming at times as the crowds push you one way and another, the photographer wanting to get the best photos for you in the best light etc etc. There can be just a little too much emphasis on getting those photographs that people want to hare on social media to tell the world just how much fun there was on your wedding, the biggest party you’ve put on in your life.

Then there are moments like these, the quiet ones, those that no-one else will share even if they are watching, the feeling inside is private and only you know what is in your head. As a Documentary Wedding Photographer, I’m always on the lookout for this fleeting glimpses of raw emotional expression. I’m not the best at expressing this literally as my skill is with the image but to quote a first dance song:

It’s your chance take her hand to the floor (when I walk to the floor)
Girl if you see something you like then let him know
‘Cause you only got one chance, for your first dance
Yeah you never forget your first dance
So take advantage of the slow dance

Justin Beiber

Venue: Haselbury Mill

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